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43 JUL-SEP 2017 CONSTRUCTION NEWS AL AL CONS and services into other states, and even other countries. One specific state that is exploding with work by Alabama companies is Texas. Numerous ABC of Alabama member companies have expanded into the Lone Star State, including Cooper Construction, which opened an office there about a year and a half ago. The company has actually been doing work in Texas for about seven years, and as Jim Cooper of Cooper Construction explains, there are numerous reasons to be in the state. "There are so many opportunities to be seized in Texas because of its size," he said. "The state has a lot of natural synergy, and while there is a lot of competition in Teas, there is so much work needing to be done." Brian Cook, managing director for the Texas Division at Hoar Construction, echoes Cooper's comments about the opportunities in the state. Hoar is actually in the midst of celebrating its 20th anniversary of its Houston office. In the mid-1990s, Hoar built a major retail project in Houston, and the company quickly realized that Texas was a state that they had to have a presence in. "There are more people in the city of Houston than in the state of Alabama, so from an economic standing, particularly here in Houston, even if it's a slow time relatively speaking there is still a lot going on" said Cook. Hoar has approximately 100 salaried professionals in Texas, and typically around 40 to 50 craft professionals on top of that. The company has executed between $200-250 million of volume in Texas in the last three years, Cook said, and they are on target to do that again next year. "We have a diversity here in Texas, whereas some of our divisions in other parts of the country are more specific," Cook said. "Here in Texas, we have a lot of depth. We're doing work for higher education, high rise, multi-family, commercial office and retail here. Those are the six major markets we're in here, and we're actively working in all of those areas." TION NEWS CONSTRUCTION NE 43 WS JUL -SEP 2 01 7 JUL JUL-SEP 2 In 2009, Hoar opened an Austin office as part of its Texas Division. The company is active in Houston, Austin, Dallas and numerous other small towns across the state. "Many small communities around Texas have a need for increased and improved health care facilities, so we have built hospitals in small towns that many people have probably never heard of." Another positive aspect of being in Texas, noted Cook, is how work there has led to work in other parts of the country. Hoar has many clients based in Texas that have brought them to do work in other major markets outside of Texas. "It may be a company based here that wants to do work in D.C. or on the East Coast," Cook said. "It seems as if there are lots of connections of companies that are based here in Texas but want to model that success somewhere else, so having a presence here in Texas has also supported some of our other divisions because of clients here wanting us to do work for them elsewhere."

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