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JUL-SEP 2017

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57 JUL-SEP 2017 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS ABC OF ALABAMA is the voice for the construction industry when it comes to advocacy, initiatives and legislative priorities that affect you and your business. Here's the latest update on what the association is doing for you. V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 6 JOUR NAL IN JUNE, A NUMBER OF ABC of Alabama members made their way to the nation's capital for its annual D.C. Fly-In. On Thursday, June 22, both ABC of Alabama and ABC of North Alabama joined together with the state's D.C. delegation for a breakfast and issues briefing. While workforce development and health care reform were discussed, the conversation moved quickly to gridlock in the Senate, overreaching regulations, infrastructure, mortgage and banking concerns and the newly-named governmental neutrality act. "Over the last few years, our state has brought together the entire delegation in one room versus walking the halls and meeting with them independently, said ABC of Alabama President Jay Reed. "This effort has certainly begun to pay off, and it allow us to ensure the Alabama delegation collectively is on the same page. Politics certainly can quickly become a 'he said/she said' world, but with everyone in the same room, it's quick to get answers and work on issues our industry feels needs to be addressed in D.C. I think the overwhelming message was that there needs to be some additional work done in the Senate regarding procedural votes and the rule making process. Already our chapter is taking a leadership role to ensure that this message gets to the entire senate body across the U.S. in a concerted effort from our national office. We also were able to gain more ABC of Alabama's Federal Goals insight on five key house members opposition to health care reform. Using that information, our federal legislative committee is working on a detailed approach with contractors in those five house members' states." Another serious topic noted was Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). The previous administration was quick to ensure that all federal projects were procured with a PLA. As an association, ABC feels that precludes approximately 90 percent of the construction community the United States from obtaining work. PLAs also drive up construction costs for taxpayers approximately 12 to 18 percent, which results in fewer infrastructure improvements and reduced construction industry job creation. ABC of Alabama has been involved in writing an updated executive order to overturn the previous administration's order. A large amount of free time of ABC of Alabama members while in D.C. was spent walking the halls to discuss the importance of this new executive order. Along with the two Alabama chapters, other ABC chapters from around the country were in D.C. for the association's Legislative Week. A major event during this year's conference was the participation of Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop Dr. Ben Carson addressed attendees during the week's events.

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