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JUL-SEP 2018

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28 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JUL–SEP 2018 Garry, civil engineering, and had spent the previous six years in commercial construction at Hoar Construction as a project manager, working primarily on retail construction projects. "I have always liked the building industry," Jimmy said. "Seeing things being completed from the ground up until it's done is exciting to me. So, to get to go to work with your brother and do that every day, it's a real blessing." Over the next 10 years, the company focused on being the best contractor for industrial and commercial concrete construction. Some of its most defining projects during that time include building condominium frames along the Gulf Coast, from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to Pensacola and Destin. "During that time, we built probably 70 or so high-rise condos," Garry added. "That market really helped us considerably in the early years when we were getting started." From there, they interlaced quite a few industrial projects. They were constructing heavy foundations, slabs and tilt up walls. In addition, they were awarded a major project at Thyssenkrupp in Mobile. "That was such a significant project for us because it started right when the economy tanked in 2008," Garry said. "It was a project that lasted three years and we did close to $100 million worth of work in heavy concrete construction during a time when many companies had trouble finding work. That was huge for us." In addition to taking on and successfully completing more and more projects, Garry and Jimmy were also setting the company up to focus on growth at a pace where they still had complete control of the business and it didn't control them. "Our philosophy was always to do high quality work and always finish on time, and that if we did so, money would take care of itself," Jimmy explained. "We never focused primarily on the profit part of the project. We focused on getting the project done right and on time. We realized that might cost us some money from time to time, but in the long run it would benefit the company." Added Garry, "Jimmy and I both made the commitment as soon as he joined the company that money wasn't going to be our primary objective in the business. Our primary objective was to enjoy what we did, spend time with our families, chart our own course, and be generous with the money we made. When you have that mindset, you will always be fair with your customers and employees because it's not money that's driving you. Relationships are so much more important than money." With that focus always on relationships and helping others however possible, Garry and Jimmy have been active philanthropically and within the community for decades. Both have been involved with the Center for Executive Leadership for the last 30 years. They are both in a Bible study I HAVE WORKED WITH JIMMY AND GARRY FOR OVER 2 0 YEARS. THEIR PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION ARE UNMATCHED. THAT BEING SAID, THEY TREAT EVERYONE WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT. THEY HAVE BEEN OUTSTANDING MENTORS IN BOTH MY PROFESSIONAL LIFE AND PERSONAL LIFE." –John Windle

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