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JUL-SEP 2018

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Honoring Our Past Cornerstone Winners P R E S E N T E D I N C O N J U N C T I O N W I T H A B C O F A L A B A M A John Harbert of Harbert Construction 1994 Ted C. Kennedy of BE&K, Inc 1995 Winton Blount of Blount, Inc 1996 Houston Brice of Brice Building Company 1997 M. Miller Gorrie of Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC 1998 Barry Morton of The Robins & Morton Group 1999 Bobby Keith of Hoar Construction LLC. 2000 John E. Swindal of Masonry Arts, Inc. 2001 T. Michael Goodrich of BE & K 2002 John P. Darnall, III of Brasfield & Gorrie LLC 2003 John Caddell of Caddell Construction 2004 Thomas E. Doster, III of Doster Construction 2005 Gary C. Wyatt of Gary C. Wyatt GC, LLC 2006 Bill L. Harbert of B.L. Harbert International 2007 Larry Argo, Marathon Electrical Contractors 2008 Charles McCrary, Alabama Power 2009 James S. M. French of Dunn Investment Company 2010 Rob Burton of Hoar Construction, LLC 2011 Jim Rein of BL Harbert International 2012 Danny Rodgers of Dunn Investment Company 2013 Jim Gorrie of Brasfield & Gorrie 2014 Mike Thompson of Thompson Tractor Company 2015 Gerald Acker of Acker Electric and Jim Early of Early Services 2016 Bill Morton of Robins & Morton 2017 2018 Inductees: Garry Ard of Ard Contracting, Inc. 2018 Jimmy Ard of Ard Contracting, Inc. 2018 there, and Garry serves on the Board of Directors. "I think the world of both Garry and Jimmy," said Richard Simmons, founder and executive director of the Center for Executive Leadership. "They are very committed to their Christian faith. That is the foundation of their lives and everything they do in this life flows out of that. They are also incredibly reliable people and always do what they say they are going to do, which I think is a reflection of their integrity. They are also very generous to not only their employees, but with their personal resources. They have done so many great things for the community that no one really knows about because they don't seek to glorify themselves. They are incredibly humble people." Jimmy has worked with Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, which provides a Christ-centered learning community for kids in inner-city Birmingham. He sits on the school's Board of Directors, heading up its golf tournament each year. Garry is on the Boards at the Foundry Ministries and the Alabama chapter of the National Christian Foundation. He is also heavily involved with Redeemer City to City, a New York City-based church planting organization founded by Tim Keller. "My whole philosophy is that if you give a guy a fish, that's great," Garry said. "You'll feed him for a day. But if he dies and his soul is lost forever, what good is it? I'm a follower of Christ, so it's important for me to support ministries that help people understand and embrace the Gospel message." That attitude of always working to help others is exactly what defines the brothers to many of those who know them best, such as Marc Tyson of Ready Mix USA. "Jimmy and Garry are true Godly friends," said Tyson. "They make work fun. They inspire me as they have spent their careers trying to make life better for others more than for themselves. They silently give more than anyone I know. I am confident in Heaven one day that they will hear the words, 'Well done good and faithful servant!'" Bradley's David Pugh once worked with Garry—they worked on construction of the Riverchase Galleria together when they were both at Harbert—echoes those comments about both Garry and Jimmy both professional and personally. "Garry and Jimmy have been a part of both my personal and professional life for 34 years," Pugh said. "I cannot imagine two brothers who not only work together but who also have collectively contributed more to the construction industry and the community the way the Ard brothers have done. Garry was my boss at Harbert, and I really could not have had a better mentor. He had very high standards for performance and a very strong work ethic. He expected the same from his team. While I learned a great deal about construction from him, I learned much more about integrity, character, ethics and his Christian faith. To this day, I remember him speaking to me about his conviction to tithe. Had my Dad made the same speech to me 100 times, it would not have had the same effect as hearing it from Garry, who was only a few years older than I. Every young person should have the opportunity to be mentored by someone like that early in their career."

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