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JUL-SEP 2018

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30 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JUL–SEP 2018 Adds Tom Mildrum, who has worked at Ard for the past 20 years, "The first two things that come to my mind about Jimmy and Garry are faith and integrity," Mildrum said. "This is such an important part of who they are and how they run Ard Contracting. They are hard chargers and expect a lot out of their employees, yet they are very fair and compassionate as well. They have great hearts, and this is shown by the help they have given so many others, both personally and through so many charitable organizations." In addition to giving back in their community, Jimmy and Garry also find it incredibly important to give back to their industry. That's why they have both been involved for years with ABC of Alabama. In fact, both brothers at one point served as the association's Chairman of the Board. "We joined ABC because we wanted to be in a merit shop organization," Garry said. "ABC is an organization that truly supports our industry." Garry and Jimmy are also appreciative of those who support them: their employees. "Any success we've had is 100 percent attributable to the people who work with us," Jimmy said. "They are the most important component to our success." The success Jimmy and Garry have experienced thus far has culminated in their receiving this year's Cornerstone Award. "It's a great honor to be recognized by the industry in which you've worked for the past 35 years," Jimmy said. "As part of that, I have to say thank you to my wife, Jennifer, and my family. They put up with all of the long hours." Added Garry, "I am honored to receive this award from our peers in the industry. Any glory associated with it goes to God from whom we get all of our talents. But from a strictly human perspective, while Jimmy and I are receiving the award, it really belongs to all the hard working and loyal men and women that work with us and have made our company successful. To them I say a big 'Thank you!' I would also like to thank my wife, Katherine, who wholeheartedly supported my decision to start the company and patiently endured those very long hours I worked in the early years." While the mission of Ard Contracting continues to be working with integrity, hard work, honesty and fairness, the mission of its leaders continues to be the same: doing whatever possible to help those who need it most. "One of my biggest motivators is helping people see that every blessing we have comes from God and the importance of generosity in their life," Garry said. "We live in a world that is so consumer-oriented and focused on 'me, me, me.' The truth is your life is really defined by what you give, not what you get. If there is something I want people to learn through what we do with our business, it is that." I AM HONORED TO RECEIVE THIS AWARD FROM OUR PEERS IN THE INDUSTRY. ANY GLORY ASSOCIATED WITH IT GOES TO GOD FROM WHOM WE GET ALL OF OUR TALENTS. BUT FROM A STRICTLY HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, WHILE JIMMY AND I ARE RECEIVING THE AWARD, IT REALLY BELONGS TO ALL THE HARD WORKING AND LOYAL MEN AND WOMEN THAT WORK WITH US AND HAVE MADE OUR COMPANY SUCCESSFUL. TO THEM I SAY A BIG 'THANK YOU! '" –Garry Ard

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