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JUL-SEP 2018

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40 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JUL–SEP 2018 companies with certified programs. What would you do specifically to encourage the growth in number of skilled trades people? A N S W E R : Apprenticeships are an essential part of the solution to workforce development. Some future employees are well-suited for college, some for technical training, and some for training in manufacturing, the trades, and other jobs – and the pathways to these careers are diverse. The Alabama Education Lottery will generate $300 million per year, of which $125 million will be dedicated to higher education and workforce development. This will include $5 million annually in scholarships and grants to The Academy of Craft Training and other registered apprenticeship programs that that meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor. million per year, all of which will be dedicated to educating and training the workforce of tomorrow. Of that amount, $125 million be allocated annually for college scholarships and workforce readiness; $90,000,000 will go to Universal First Class Pre-K; $60,000,000 will go to the Foundation Program Promise, which will help close the gap for public school systems that generate less ad valorem taxes for education; and $25,000,000 will be devoted to Community Innovation Grants that will provide wrap around services to eliminate barriers to successful public education. Q U E S T I O N : What is your plan to upgrade and expand infrastructure in Alabama? A N S W E R : I fully support the Alliance for Alabama's Infrastructure plan to improve Alabama's roads and bridges, which in turn is fully supported by other research. Q U E S T I O N : Alabama has a strong history of being a merit-based, open-shop labor force, allowing economic forces to set wages through supply and demand. There is a consensus belief that this attribute is largely responsible for our state's tremendous growth in automobile and other manufacturing in the last couple of decades. This is also the key principle of the founding and mission of ABC. Will you take a pledge that, should you be elected Governor, you will fight to keep Alabama a merit-based workforce in all sectors and trades, as well as to fight against the expansion of unions in every way possible? Why or why not? A N S W E R : Although I fully support the right of labor to organize, in 2016, Alabama voters included right to work as part of our Constitution. As Governor I will take an oath to support and defend our Constitution and will uphold the individual rights of all workers regardless of union affiliation. Q U E S T I O N : A shortage of skilled trades workers has been prevalent in recent times and is now more evident during economic growth. Many blame a part of this shortage on the cultural mindset that every person should go to college in order to be a success. Many different groups have tried to solve this problem in their own way. ABC recently added a tool to help this problem by working with the legislature in 2016 to get a bill passed that allows apprentice training tax credits for BIRMINGHAM | MOBILE | NASHVILLE TOLL FREE: 1-877-282- LIFT { 5438 } | WWW.CRANEW O RKS.COM

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