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43 JUL–SEP 2018 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS AN ACTIVE SHOOTER CAN OFTEN BE A RANDOM STRANGER. However, on most occasions, the shooter has a connection to the people and place that are attacked. On many occasions a future active shooter can draw attention to themselves leading up to the time a shooting occurs. Everyone must to be able to look for signs, including changes in their behavior and deal with any changes quickly. These behavioral changes might include: • Violent talk or acts of violent behavior • Signs of paranoia • Signs of depression • Sudden hygiene changes • Threats or threatening gestures • Changes in work performance • Inflicting harm to themselves or someone else • Destruction or theft of property • Problems with authority It's important to always be on the lookout for possible security risks and warning signs especially from any warning signs from disgruntled or recently terminated employees. B E P R E PA R E D F O R T H E T H R E AT Create a Response Team, consisting of members of management and non- management employees. The Response Team's purpose is to work with training professionals to develop and implement security and response protocols for potential active shooter events. This should include annual training for all workers on how to respond and react to an active shooter event. The Response Team should designate a system to include a frequent security review of all sites, including office space and worksites. Create an updated list of all employees at work daily. An individual should be designated to coordinate with law enforcement during and after an event, including maps of work locations and entrance and exit points. Someone should also be designated to serve as a media representative, and the Team should also create a format to deal with workplace complaints, including a review process to take all potential internal and external threats seriously. All employees need to be made aware of training materials and protocols for an active shooter event. TA K E AC T I O N D U R I N G A N AC T I V E S H O OT E R E V E N T RUN: GET AWAY FROM THE SHOOTING AREA IF POSSIBLE • Run out of the building or area and move far away from the gunfire until you are in a secure place to hide. • Leave all your belongings behind. • Keep your hands visible to law enforcement. • Take others with you, but do not stay behind because others will not go. • Call 911 when it is safe to do so. HIDE: HIDE IN A SAFE LOCATION • If you cannot evacuate safely, hide in an area out of the shooters view. • Lock doors and barricade the door with furniture, if possible. • Turn off all lights. • Silence your cell phone. • If you are outdoors and cannot run away safely, hide in a location that will provide protection from gunfire. • Remain in place until law enforcement arrives. FIGHT: TAKE DOWN THE SHOOTER • If you cannot run or hide safely, act and fight. • Take down the shooter or disrupt the actions of the shooter. • Act swiftly and decisively, and if others are present act as a group. • Use common items in your area as weapons. • Throw items at the shooter and take the individual down if possible. • Call 911 when it is safe to do so. WHEN LAW ENFORCEMENT ARRIVES: • Wait for local law enforcement officers to give instruction. • When law enforcement arrives, display empty hands with open palms and obey all commands. Chip Brown is a lifelong resident of South Alabama. Chip serves as the CEO of the security training firm Venti Total Solutions, (a security training fir, focused on active shooter and workplace violence prevention/ protection). Chip was recently elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and is a Veteran of the Army National Guard, as well as serving on Active Duty with the US Army and US Central Command at the Central Command Forward Headquarters during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He also served two deployments in Afghanistan as an Advisor to US Forces Afghanistan and NATO. TA K E S E C U R I T Y S E R I O U S LY We have all seen the stories on the news detailing an active shooter event and think, "This will never happen at my place of employment." Most people think this until its too late. Be prepared, train, have a plan and be ready in the event tragedy strikes.

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