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OCT-DEC 2018

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47 OCT-DEC 2018 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS IT WAS JUST LAST YEAR THAT BIRMINGHAM- BASED CONSTRUCTION-INDUSTRY VETERAN GOLDEN CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE FIRM APPLESEED WORKSHOP ANNOUNCED A MERGER, one that has since strived to help improve the building process. Now, just one year later, they have announced a new company name: Creature. "We quickly figured out that we were going to have to make a name change," said Geoff Golden, Creature chief executive officer and founder of Golden Construction. "After the merger, we had a totally different business model, totally different platform and totally different offering. We knew we were going to likely have to change the name." With Golden Construction already being known as a major player in the industry for decades and Appleseed Workshop having a great amount of brand equity as well, rebranding would be no easy task. And the name had to live up to the company's new mission and vision: "We are not simply contractors or architects. We're something else. Something new. Something different. We are the coming together of different things into a better thing. We are solvers, thinkers, doers who instinctively, intuitively, and boldly adapt to change. We are a new breed. A different animal. A hybrid with a single mission: Create. Construct. Cultivate." Out of that vision came Creature. "There are a few powerful ideas surrounding the name, to us," Golden said. "The name created a light in the distance that is going to help us rally around together and go forward to a very different place that can achieve very different results. And certainly, the play on words of having 'create' in the name is important. At our core, we are a very design-centric company and we're able to do things because we're not a traditional company." Not only has the new name unified everyone in the company—"Before we had Appleseed people and Golden people, and now everyone is Creature and it's all about the Creature way," Golden added—it has also solidified the company's thought process when it comes to revolutionizing the industry by eliminating waste and inefficiency. "We know the company's new name has a little bit of a shock factor, but it truly defines us," Golden said. "We are excited about our new brand and the powerful offerings we can take out into the market."

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