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OCT-DEC 2017

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9 OCT-DEC 2017 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS BUILDING ALABAMA | PROJECTS EARLIER THIS YEAR, THE CREEL COMPANY COMPLETED WHAT LOOKED TO BE A TYPICAL HOME ON THE OUTSIDE BUT ACTUALLY HOUSES A STATE-OF-THE-ART WATER TREATMENT FACILITY. Daphne Utilities, the project owner, was in need of a replacement of its original production water well and treatment facility, which was built in 1953. The facility needed to be replaced or upgraded to meet customer demands, continue to meet federal and state regulations and maintain water quality standards. "The primary problem was lack of space to construct the new facility," said Kevin Creel, project manager at The Creel Company. "Over the years, a neighborhood had grown up around the original facility, and so did various businesses, a school and the new City Hall." Eventually, an older small home became available across the street from the original facility. Daphne Utilities purchased the property, hoping to design and build a new facility that met their needs as well as blended into the neighborhood. In 2016, Daphne Utilities contracted The Creel Company to build the Olde Towne Daphne Water Treatment Facility. The Creel Company faced numerous challenges with the project, which is located in Olde Towne Daphne, a historic downtown residential neighborhood. Typically, a water treatment facility site is built on several acres, as much space is needed to accommodate the large equipment and tanks required, as well as room for delivery trucks and storage. In addition, the look of water treatment facilities is industrial in nature, so blending it into the neighborhood was no easy task. "Properly scheduling deliveries and concrete trucks was also a challenge," said Creel. "Less than half a block away is a private school. All delivery trucks and concrete pours had to be coordinated for times outside of the busy drop-off and pick-up times for the kids. Additionally, just one block over are a couple of very popular restaurants for lunch, other businesses and the new City Hall, which is a hub of activity most days of the week. All construction traffic had to be coordinated very closely so that these external operations were not affected." Along with that, keeping the neighbors happy was an important goal of The Creel Company. To do so, they made sure a historic oak tree on the property was kept—which required much work to make sure its root system wasn't damaged or destroyed while constructing the 13-foot deep underground reservoir—and they made sure the noise level was not bothersome to residents on each side of the property. While certainly a difficult project, the end result nothing short of ideal. The Creel Company finished on time and on budget in January 2017, and the facility included everything needed to run a water treatment plant, all in a setting that looked like a 1940s The Creel Company Completes Unique Water Treatment Plant cottage. In fact, the new structure had the same footprint as the old house and driveway. " While this limited the size of the facility and building, it dovetailed nicely with the plan to rebuild the structure to look architecturally similar to the 1940s cottage," Creel said. "This residential style was chosen to pay respect to the character of the neighborhood. The building structure was built directly on top of the underground reservoir, giving the appearance of a typical house in this neighborhood." While the casual passerby sees nothing more than a cottage on a quiet residential street, underneath the charming façade lies a state- of-the-art water treatment facility that provides more than 1.5 million gallons of quality drinking water per day to local residents.

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