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OCT-DEC 2017

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20 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS OCT-DEC 2017 Thus far, Morton and the company have continued that focus, keeping clients around the country coming back time and again. "I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for over 20 years," said Bruce Lawrence, president and CEO of INTEGRIS, a customer of Robins & Morton. "Robins & Morton has been selected to build several of our major health system projects, and we have consistently seen these projects completed on time and under budget. Bill has assembled a great team of professionals around him, which ensures successful operations. He also stays very connected with the operations and his customers. He's a man of great integrity, business ethics and community support. It's an honor to call him a friend." Adds David Wilson, president of North Mississippi Medical Center, another longtime client of Robins & Morton, "I know that Bill's leadership, integrity and ethics are well known, and this has fostered a company culture that is known for the same. I have used Robins & Morton for multiple million dollar projects (always on time and under budget) and will turn to Bill and his team again for my next." With Morton, that focus on serving others to the best of his ability extends beyond customers and employees. It includes subcontractors, who Morton knows are an integral part of his company 's success. "I remember the first time I met Bill, which was at an ABC of Alabama event," said Tim Hightower, owner and president of Southern Carpet, Hardwood & Tile. "I introduced myself, and he had a genuine interest in me and my company. That struck me because I was just a subcontractor working for his company. Since then, I've been around him many times over the years, and each time solidifies that first impression. When you talk to him, he treats you like you are the most important person in the world at that moment." Beyond just making Robins & Morton better, Morton also is a strong advocate of the community—he serves on boards with the Birmingham Business Alliance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, Greater Alabama Council of the Boy Scouts of America and Oakworth Capital Bank. He also takes involvement within the industry seriously as well through working with associations like ABC of Alabama. "It's important to be involved and work to improve the industry we all care That appreciation of Morton carries over with many others at Robins & Morton who have spent time with him. "Bill is a successful business leader and manager in the construction industry, but more importantly, he is a man of exceptional character," said Robins & Morton's Operations Manager Mark Mattox. "He has a servant's heart and truly listens to people. His positive manner, his compassion and his appreciation for others have touched so many in a positive way; not just in the business arena but throughout the community. Bill's example of leadership is one we all strive to emulate." Adds Robins & Morton's President and COO Robin Savage, "Bill is as much a friend as he is a partner and leader in the company. He is very much about people – and caring about people. He lets managers in the company manage, but he steps in to support in situations where good leadership is needed. He has a flexible but very effective management style, and provides the kind of leadership that a CEO should. Bill learned construction from an early age as he grew up with the company and in a construction family. As a result, he has a good sense for risk in this business. He has a communication style and an attitude that fosters a great culture in the company for caring about both the people here and our clients and business associates." That culture Morton has worked alongside many others to create at Robins & Morton has led to the growth of a family-oriented culture. One that resulted in Robins & Morton being designated among the top companies in the country to work for. " Whether it's greeting employees by name at each job site or by championing charitable giving campaigns, Bill Morton creates a small company culture within a large organization," said Richard Nelson, senior project manager at Robins & Morton. "His leadership inspires employees to exceed expectations, not only for our clients, but also for our co-workers, families and communities." Lisa Cowan, Bill's senior executive assistant, has worked at the company for more than 30 years. She worked as an assistant for Todd Robins, Barry Morton and eventually, Bill Morton. " With Bill, it's not just business; it's personal," she said. "Because of that, his leadership is impeccable. He views the family as important. We have a family atmosphere here, but he also makes sure that everyone has time to spend at home with their family, not just always at work. Bill was taught by who I think was one of the best—his father, Barry—and just like Barry, Bill exhibits so many wonderful qualities." While much about his care for people certainly came naturally, Morton was indeed heavily influenced by his father, Barry Morton, as well as his first boss at Robins & Morton, Wayne Gordon. "You are influenced by the people close to you, and my dad was certainly someone who has heavily influenced me," Morton said. " When I first joined Robins & Morton, my dad made sure I reported to someone else, not him, and so for a number of years I reported to Wayne Gordon. He was a great leader and role model. I learned a lot from him and my dad about how important people are. People are everything. I also learned from them to do the right thing and always maintain your integrity. And that viewpoint continues today with not just me but our people. We know the importance of being a true partner to our clients and making sure their interests are served. Our main focuses are our clients and our people. If we can maintain that, we will continue to be successful." He has a servant's heart and truly listens to people. His positive manner, his compassion and his appreciation for others have touched so many in a positive way; not just in the business arena but throughout the community. Bill's example of leadership is one we all strive to emulate." –Mark Mattox, Robins & Morton Operations Manager

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