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OCT-DEC 2017

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23 OCT-DEC 2017 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS THE CLUB IN BIRMINGHAM WAS THE SETTING FOR ABC OF ALABAMA'S 29TH ANNUAL EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AWARDS. Held on November 30, the annual event once again attracted hundreds of the industry 's top professionals for an evening to recognize outstanding construction projects performed by Alabama contractors. "As chairman of the board, I have never been prouder of our staff that assembled such a great evening and the award winners of the night," said David Pugh of Bradley. "The venue, the details and the newly added after party were all perfect." Added Deepa Bhate, founder and CEO of Building & Earth, This event has certainly become the construction event of the year for the entire industry. During the networking reception, attendees had the opportunity to visit with key decision makers from construction companies all over Alabama. It has certainly become a who's who event." The evening started out with a networking reception, which moved into the awards presentation and dinner. The awards given are all based on quality, value, performance and ability. This year, ABC of Alabama received a record number of entries, which contributed to the sold out ballroom at The Club. The 25th Annual Alabama Construction News Cornerstone Award was also presented during the evening 's events. The annual award first began in 1994 and is presented to an individual who has made an exemplary lifelong commitment to Alabama construction and has brought favorable recognition to the industry as a result of his personal integrity, business ethics and community involvement. This year the award was awarded to Robins & Morton's Chairman and CEO Bill Morton. "I feel very honored to receive the Cornerstone Award - especially in light of the people who have received it in the past," said Morton. "In my mind, I'm accepting the award knowing that I wouldn't be receiving it without the support of our people." Those who know Morton well weren't at all surprised that he was this year's recipient. " When I first heard that Bill was selected for the Cornerstone Award, I immediately knew why," said Scout Executive J.T. Dabbs of the Greater Alabama Council Boy Scouts of America, where Morton has long volunteered. "Because If you look at someone in this industry and the difference that they make and their involvement and how they carry themselves and the work that he does in this company, and you also know when you walk into Robins & Morton and interact with the employees of that company, from the front desk all the way through the company, they are outstanding folks to deal with. They are very helpful, and I can easily see why Bill was selected for this award. He makes a difference." A special moment was had when ABC of Alabama recognized a leader in the industry and the association who was lost this year. On Tuesday, September 21, Michael J. Harris passed away unexpectedly. The association's board of directors presented a token of memorial to Harris' father, Bobby Harris. Michael's family and his work family were on hand for the special recognition. Highlight's of Harris' service to ABC included craft training participation, leadership training participation and a review of various committees and task forces that MJ Harris participated in under his leadership. The evening culminated with an after party. Attendees left the ballroom and went into a different area of The Club for dessert, coffee and drinks. Tim Hightower, owner and president of Southern Carpet, Hardwood & Tile and a winner that evening, commented, "I really couldn't have been prouder of ABC Thursday evening. The venue was perfect, the crowd was perfect and the winners certainly deserved being recognized. Also this year's Cornerstone recipient is actually the very definition of the Cornerstone Award. Anyone who knows Bill Morton immediately understands why he was chosen this year." Robert T. Drew of McGriff, Seibels & Williams added, "I would simply just say thanks to ABC staff for hosting a wonderful night! Thursday 's event was perfect. ABC's attention to detail was very noticeable." ABC of Alabama President Jay Reed echoed the sentiments of many attendees of the night. "The best way to gauge an event as large as this one is feedback afterwards and then the follow up emails received the next few days. Simply based on just that, this event was by far the most successful Excellence In Construction banquet to date. The ballroom and registration space were completely transformed and appeared perfect. The after party was a hit, and I'm sure we'll do it again next year. But the greatest part of the evening was highlighting the projects that ABC of Alabama members have built all over the world. Every year I continue to be amazed at the various places our members perform work. Again, the Cornerstone recipient portion of the program was perhaps the most moving. A video documentary revealed exactly why Bill Morton received the award. Remarks from his clients, his board and his employees perfectly summed up why the association honored him this year." 2017 E xc e l l e n c e i n Co n st r u c t i o n Awa rd s by PA I G E T OW N L E Y "I really couldn't have been prouder of ABC Thursday evening. The venue was perfect, the crowd was perfect and the winners certainly deserved being recognized. Also this year's Cornerstone recipient is actually the very definition of the Cornerstone Award." –Tim Hightower, Southern Carpet, Hardwood & Tile

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