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OCT-DEC 2017

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47 OCT-DEC 2017 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS The company offers field solutions and software like robotic total stations, which helps a project move much faster than traditional methods. A contractor can use the robotic total station to build the project in a virtual environment and quickly find any problems that the traditional method would take weeks to catch. "A contractor no longer has to wait the full duration of the project to find problems that might be in paper drawings," explained Leighton Kellett, BuildingPoint Gulf Coast's field solutions specialist. "They can more quickly make sure the building they are constructing is actually being build the way it was designed." The robotic total stations are also beneficial with estimating and planning a project. "Trimble coined a phrase called BIM ( building information modeling ) to field," Kellett added. "That means we can take the BIM model and put it into a tablet, called a data collector, and then anything drawn in that model you can electronically determine a dimension, for example, instead of having to physically take a tape measure out and figure out a length. You just touch a location on the BIM model and the robotic total station tells you exactly where it's out in the field." The robotic total stations allow companies to do the work faster than traditional methods, and it is more accurate. "There are fewer mistakes," added Kellett. "Someone can accidentally read a tape measure or drawing wrong. A robotic total station saves time, eliminates errors and saves in labor. Many things that traditionally take three or four people just take one with a robotic total station. It's much more efficient." BuildingPoint Gulf Coast is also helping contractors with 3D laser scanners. The scanner in just minutes can provide a digital 3D model to show a building as built. "It allows you to check for floor flatness, deflection of structural components and also lets you make sure everything is where it's supposed to be," said Kellett. Hoar Construction recently utilized one of BuildingPoint Gulf Coast's robotic total stations on a 37-story apartment building and medical center in Houston, Texas. "The size of our footprint and the schedule that we received from our concrete partner was so aggressive that we started looking for other ways to lay out efficiently on the deck in preparation for the concrete pours," said Patrick Alvarez, superintendent at Hoar Construction. " We decided to use a robotic total station, and that allowed us to work within the tight window of time, maintain accuracy and even work around obstacles." From a service aspect, BuildingPoint Gulf Coast works with contractors that might not have the manpower or technology to manage complex job sites and projects. "If a company wants to go after a certain type of work that is requiring certain types of deliverables they don't possess, the company can call us and we can provide a team of people to do that work for them," BuildingPoint Gulf Coast's general manager Nicholas DiBitetto explained. "It's sort of like we are the subcontractor. It's for a company that can't or just doesn't want to have certain gear or software or manpower in-house." By focusing on not just providing products but helping companies put them to work, BuildingPoint Gulf Coast is proving to be a valuable partner for contractors. " We want to be a value added consultant to help companies take that next step in their business that they couldn't make before because they didn't have the resources or the right hires in their company," DiBitetto said. " We are here to help companies walk through the 3D modeling and coordination with them." Adds BulidingPoint Gulf Coast Owner William Poche, " We bring a vast amount of experience in the construction market to the table. Not only can we solve the problems in the field for a customer, but we can solve the problems in the office as well, and that's a huge value." A robotic total station saves time, eliminates errors and saves in labor. Many things that traditionally take three or four people just take one with a robotic total station. It's much more efficient." – LEIGHTON KELLETT, BUILDINGPOINT GULF COAST'S FIELD SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST "

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