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OCT-DEC 2017

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61 OCT-DEC 2017 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS and Pewitt addressed the audience on the topic, especially regarding the importance of understanding the event being hosted, any potential controversies associated with it and potential threatening components to the event. For a football game, for example, information that must be known to plan security include where it's being held, sheltering options, surveillance set-up and size of the event. "Communication is huge in that too," said Boyett. "Communication is essential in making sure that when it comes to event management, you know who to communicate to and what to communicate." Adds Pewitt, "We specifically discussed the situation that happened in Charlottesville and risk analysis we need to do on all of our campuses. In a situation like that where it could be potentially violent, what can we do to protect people? An important conversation was about ways to protect green spaces that typically have large crowds so that vehicles cannot be driven through them." The panelists stressed to those at the conference that the security enhancements should be incorporated into the initial design of the structure. "From data and conduit placement and cameras to access control points, it all needs to be incorporated during design and development and not after the fact," Boyett explained. "Consideration for safety and security needs to be made at the beginning of the building process, not after the building is built. It's always more expensive to go back and do it after the fact. I think that's one of those obvious things that sometimes gets overlooked. The safety and security management components to a build are critical." Keith notes that it was important for everyone in attendance to understand the peculiarities of universities and college as they are very different from K-12 schools. "A university is like a city in itself," he said. "It never stops. We have international students and students from all 50 states living here that you don't just send home. And many of those students aren't accustomed to weather here in the South. So the conversations we had were meant to help people who make decisions about construction understand how buildings and infrastructure are used when it comes to safety and emergency response. It was a valuable time." JOURNAL To Our Sponsors THANK YOU

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