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JAN-MAR 2018

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51 JAN-MAR 2018 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JOURNAL DAVID WELCH University of Alabama BEN YOUNGBLOOD Hoar Program Management CORY SINGLEY M.J. Harris Construction Services, LLC JACKSON VEASEY Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC JENNIFER WICHITNAK University of Alabama PATRICK SKELLIE Tradesmen International, Inc. BLAKE TOOLE BL Harbert International THE NEXT GENERATION OF INDUSTRY LEADERS RECENTLY GATHERED TOGETHER AT ABC OF ALABAMA'S OFFICE IN BIRMINGHAM FOR THE ANNUAL FUTURE LEADERS IN CONSTRUCTION (FLIC). FLIC brings together a handpicked group of the industry 's best up-and-comers for sessions that are strategically focused on helping them become better leaders. The multi-day event also spends time helping the young professionals learn how to take the necessary steps to achieve personal and professional growth. This year marks the 12th year the association has hosted the sought-after sessions. Jim Schug, a senior consultant with FMI Corporation, once again served as the course director. Schug 's decades of experience, thorough knowledge of the industry and ability to exhibit leadership skills greatly impacted the group. "My FLIC experience was a great way to connect to other business associates and gain a better understanding of the many benefits of ABC," said Charles Cater, project manager at Bright Future Electric. "Jim Schug is superb in his teachings and presentations. I am especially thankful for the volunteer speakers who came to share their insight and wisdom with the group. I would recommend the FLIC program to any young construction professional desiring to expand their contact base and learn a little about themselves in the process." Adds Brad Hamilton, IT manager of infrastructure at Brasfield & Gorrie, "I have enjoyed FLIC and will push for more from my team to attend future classes," he said. "I'm a bit of an outlier in the class as I work in the construction industry, but in an Information Technology department. But all the principles we are learning in FLIC apply regardless of my support role versus the operations roles that make up the majority of the room. The top takeaway so far (with 3 out of 4 classes complete) is that is not a "one size fits all" when it comes to leadership styles. As leaders, we have to adapt our style of leadership based on the person/situation." Throughout the courses held thus far, students have had the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers talk on numerous topics. One topic hitting home with many attendees is leadership. " We really looked at leadership, what that means to each one of us, how it applies to each one of us and leaderships that work or don't work," said Heather Gallagher of Robins & Morton. "It was very valuable that we were in an open environment to talk about it all. It provides an opportunity to learn about things you've never thought of before and how you can do things differently." It's a great course about leadership and how we can continue to improve this industry, which is a great one." In addition to valuable time spent listening to some of the industry 's current leaders, students were also given time to network with one another—just another aspect of the event that works to educate and inspire these future leaders in construction. " We got a chance to meet so many people, and I appreciated that networking," said Gallagher. "It was great to get to sit and talk with and collaborate with everyone. Those are relationships that we can continue to build upon, because this industry is built on great relationships." Future Leaders in Construction 2018 NOT PICTURED: MITCHELL NEELY Kemp Management Solutions, LLC

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