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JAN-MAR 2018

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56 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JAN-MAR 2018 A JOURNAL ABC OF ALABAMA'S GO-TO STATEMENT REGARDING ELECTIONS IS "GET INTO POLITICS OR GET OUT OF BUSINESS". After releasing our recent $12 Billion economic impact study, our association is now more than ever doing just that. November presents itself another opportunity to ensure that merit shop, pro-workforce development and infrastructure-minded candidates are elected. Our industry in this state has simply got to move forward.Our state's upcoming primaries are highly anticipated and are sure to be closely watched. Whether you're Republican or Democrat, here's what your association feels you need to know about each candidate running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. GOVERNOR: REPUBLICAN TOMMY BATTLE "Huntsville is happening," said Reed. "The entire state sees Mayor Tommy Battle as a leader who has put Huntsville on a national stage for education, economic development and industry recruitment. This certainly makes him a player in the election." DEMOCRAT SUE BELL COBB "Sue Bell Cobb enters the race with phenomenal name I.D. and a history as chief justice, court of criminal appeals and the supreme court," said Reed. "She's certainly one to watch." REPUBLICAN SCOTT DAWSON "Scott Dawson has certainly gotten people's attention," said Reed. "He has the Rick and Bubba team on talk radio helping him. Certainly an evangelical candidate will resonate well with Alabama voters and is running as being for 'non-political and ready to take Alabama back from special interests and career politicians.'" REPUBLICAN BILL HIGHTOWER "Senator Hightower is a well-known brilliant businessman who has traveled internationally recruiting industry and transforming companies," Reed said. "His key sales pitch is to put a successful business man in the governor's seat and that will transform our state." REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR KAY IVEY "Governor Ivey will be running with major name I.D. and, to put it in her words, the fact that she has 'steadied the ship,'" said ABC of Alabama President Jay Reed. "Also, since taking office, the state has seen several large economic development projects announced, major attempts to reform education, and infrastructure improvements." DEMOCRAT WALT MADDOX "Anyone who has picked up the papers or read anything online knows that during the tornado disasters, Walt Maddox stepped up and led his city to recovery," said Reed. "As an association, we like his attitude toward skill training. He is also talking infrastructure and craft training with some of our members in the West Alabama area. He also has phenomenal name I.D." Others running include: DEMOCRAT WILL BOYD DEMOCRAT CHRISTOPHER A. COUNTRYMAN DEMOCRAT JAMES FIELDS REPUBLICAN MICHAEL MCALLISTER DEMOCRAT DOUG "NEW BLUE" SMITH DEMOCRAT ANTHONY WHITE ABC of Alabama's go-to statement regarding elections is "get into politics or get out of business." Alabama's Legislative Branch Races

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