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JAN-MAR 2018

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57 JAN-MAR 2018 AL CONSTRUCTION NEWS JOURNAL LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: REPUBLICAN WILL AINSWORTH " Will has already met with our leadership and certainly his time in Montgomery has him aware of the key issues impacting not just our state but our industry," said Reed. "He's a huge fan of craft training and certainly has the financial resources to run a serious race." REPUBLICAN TWINKLE CAVANAUGH "Twinkle has been involved with ABC since the Riley administration and is certainly aware of industry needs," Reed said. "She has met with ABC leadership and discussed her vision for the lieutenant governor's office and how it can have a positive impact on the state. She's a serious candidate and is not to be underestimated at all." REPUBLICAN RUSTY GLOVER "He has certainly been a friend to the association as senator and ahs always had an open door for us to discuss our concerns with him," said Reed. "I think his track record in Montgomery is going to get him immediate recognition as a viable candidate." Others running include: DEMOCRAT WILL BOYD ATTORNEY GENERAL: REPUBLICAN CHESS BEDSOLE "Chess Bedsole was the first AG candidate to request a meeting with ABC, and certainly spoke knowledgeably of the AG's office and quite honestly impressed our leadership. His campaign will be well funded and has already effectively been able to overcome his lack of name I.D." REPUBLICAN TROY KING "Troy has already met with ABC's leadership and did garner ABC's endorsement in his previous attorney general position," said Reed. "For certain, several business leaders in the state have encouraged him to run and Troy was a great friend to ABC during his tenure as attorney general." REPUBLICAN STEVE MARSHALL "History shows an incumbent with the record such as Steve's proves favorable toward reelection," said Reed. "The only exception is the qualifications and experience of other republicans who have thrown their hat into this ring. I have seen Steve working hard and very visible over the last four to six months, and that just always transposes to votes." REPUBLICAN ALICE MARTIN "Name I.D. and experience are two things she has going for her. She has been very visible in the court systems and many will argue that is exactly what is needed in AG's office is this type of experience. You can expect strong support statewide for this candidate." Others running include: DEMOCRAT JAMES "CHRIS" CHRISTIE DEMOCRAT JOSEPH SIEGELMAN It is ABC Merit PAC's intent to visit with every single candidate interested in running for office this election cycle. The association also encourages all candidates to visit the Academy of Craft Training to get a true understanding of our workforce needs and what our association is doing to ultimately tackle that problem. If you as a candidate would like to set up an appointment to visit with the trustees, simply contact ABC of Alabama President Jay Reed at 205.870.9768.

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